The overachieving oranges… from California.

  • Navel Orange – Full of flavor and vitamin C.

    Sweet and juicy California-grown Navel oranges are named for the navel-like formation on their blossom end…

  • Valencia Orange – The taste of summer.

    Striking the perfect balance of tart and sweet, this summer orange differs from other California orange varieties with its thin…

  • Cara Cara Orange in a Tree

    Cara Cara Orange – C-ing is believing.

    Cara Cara oranges offer an exceptionally sweet flavor and a delightful tropical aroma. While they look like classic Navel oranges…


Whole fruit for your whole health

  • Illustration of 1 Orange

    Deliciously Healthy

    California oranges not only taste great, they’re also great for your health. Rich with vitamin C (up to 100% DV depending on the variety), they are a delicious way to support your body’s natural line of defense. Our overachieving oranges are also a source of dietary fiber, folate, antioxidants and other nutrients that provide a variety of health benefits.

  • Illustration of 2 Oranges

    Restore & Refresh

    Renew and restore your health from the inside out. Folate promotes cell growth and contributes to a healthy pregnancy. Vitamin C promotes the production of collagen. Antioxidants (vitamin C and beyond) protect against cell damage. Even the smell of an orange is thought to help curb stress and anxiety. Go on…breathe it in.

  • Illustration of 3 Oranges

    Culinary A-Peel

    No matter which way you slice (or peel or squeeze or zest) them, oranges are a vital fruit for your health. They’re available year-round with a long shelf life, and can up-level any sweet or savory dish, drink, cocktail or sauce. Try adding a sprinkle of zest to baked goods for a boost of flavor and texture.

Cooking with California Oranges

“Choose Your Own Adventure” Orange Pilaf By Chef Chadwick Boyd

Orange Spiced Tea

Seasonality chart

There’s a California orange for every season.

Seasonality Chart, graph of citrus availability per month Seasonality Chart, graph of citrus availability per month